Friday, April 11, 2008

The Call

There were several blog posts that I booked marked with the note “read+often”; the ones about getting that call from your agent. THE call. The call that takes your dream of writing a book to a reality.

My call arrived on February 8. I had been in a strategic planning session all day and the group had just gone on break. Everyone had left the room except for my best work friend, SherrySteckly.

My cell phone rang and I recognized the New York phone number. I knew before I picked it up what was about to happen.

“This is Shari,” I answered with a smile, keeping my cool.

“Hi. This is Andrea… from Harvey Klinger” (as if I didn’t know!)

“Congratulations, you have an offer.”

Everything she said after that was kind of a blur. I tried to focus, I tried to take notes, but my mind was shouting,

“I got a book deal. I got a book deal. I got a FRICKIN book deal”.

After laying out all of the details, Andrea said nicely, “I will email all of this to you”.

I hung up, hugged SherrySteckly and said outloud, “I have a book deal”.

For the rest of the day, I had to refocus on the strategic planning session. We were overviewing our credit card processing systems. It was torturous.

When I pulled out of the office and was driving home, I finally let myself think about it again. I got a book deal. I felt like the day I got my driver’s license. I remember so vividly, being 16 years old and driving down 7th Street, by myself and coming to the clear realization that my life would never be the same. I don’t know whether this book thing will end up good or bad, but I do know for sure, my life will not be the same.

I was soon to learn that I did not actually have a book deal. I had an offer for my book idea. The next few weeks were a flurry of back and forths between potential publishing houses, my agent and me.

Eventually, I signed with Thomas Dunne, an inprint of St. Martin’s Press.

The manuscript is due on July 15. After that, the publishing house decides when it will go to market. My editor (yes, I said my editor) thinks it will probably be published summer of 2009.

I’m now on the hunt for women to interview, time to get away and write, and places to promote the book. If you have advice on any of those three, please let me know!

I’m going to publish a book.


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Lisa Hochgraf, editor, CUES

Patrick Byers said...

We've had lots of talks about this. This is so exciting. I'm green with envy.

Thank you for your help. And I can't wait to read your book.

Happy Marketing.

Patrick Byers
The Responsible Marketing Blog

Angela Hoskins said...

Dood!! That is so awesome. But not surprising at all. I read your blogs all the time and find them very funny and touching and honest. It's refreshing in this day and age, I swear! I know an acquaintance who wrote a book about places to go/things to do in Seattle with kids and she started promoting it at preschools, moms groups, and did Barnes and Noble visits. I don't know if that helps you out at all, but that's all I got for you.

dadshouse said...

Congratulations! As a trying-to-get-published author, I know it's hard work.

Jenn C. said...

Congratulations on your book deal! As a new MBA and a new Mom, I'm excited about your book. And as a marketing pro and author, I'd be happy to give you some tips about promoting your book. You can reach me through my blog

Nicola said...

I came across you blog while doing research for my own work. I am a life coach who helps executive moms have the best of both worlds: successful careers and rewarding relationships, with the energy to enjoy it all! I'll be launching later this summer. I'd love to talk with you and see if there's some ways to align. I often say to my clients that motherhood is like management and management is like motherhood. Looks like you'll be creating a perfect book for me to recommend in the future!
Nicola Ries Taggart
True Insights Coaching

everythingcu said...

Huge congrats, Shari!!!